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nmgNews addon for razorC

This add-on will allow you to create unlimited news/articles pages and categories. Easy installation and very easy to use. To see this add-on in action click here or go to add-ons page

2 new FREE templates

2 new FREE templates available for download : GentleBreeze & Unwritten . Click here for more free templates or visit premium templates page

razorC.net is live in Azure Gallery !

razorC.net v1.0.6 is available on Windows Azure. To learn more about Windows Azure go to http://www.windowsazure.com

Microsoft Web App Gallery

razorC.net v1.0.6 is available to install via WebPI http://www.microsoft.com/web/gallery/razorcnet.aspx

razorC.net v1.0.6 is ready

download it from http://razorC.CodePlex.com



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